About The Gala

Cockenzie and Port Seton Children’s Gala is a unique community event normally held in June each year. The Gala involves primary school children who form a ‘court’, parade around the village on floats and even travel between the two harbours on fishing boats. The Gala culminates in the crowning of the Gala Queen. To find out more click HERE

Port Seton and Cockenzie Gala Queens from 1949 to present day!
1949 Catherine Thomson
1950 Davina Stewart
1951 Catherine Stewart
1952 Eleanor Thomson
1953 Margaret Copeland
1954 Etta Horne
1955 Alison Storrie
1956 Ruby Stewart
1957 Katherine Horne
1958 Ann Welsh
1959 Roy Donaldson
1960 Catriona McDonald
1961 June Darroch
1962 Faye Naples
1963 Christine Ross
1964 Christine McCaig
1965 Marilyn Johnston
1966 Sandra Coull
1967 Moira McNeish
1968 Helen Moskwa
1969 Linda Strachan
1970 Janet Lindsay
1971 Lesley McCaldin
1972 Jane Laidlaw
1973 Victoria Brown
1974 Ann Dickson
1975 Sharon Thomson
1976 Nancy Watson
1977 Evelyn Jardine
1978 Pauline Connachan
1979 Mandy Waters
1980 Jill Darling
1981 Lesley Scott
1982 Jannette McKenzie
1983 Kirsten Hamilton
1984 Jane Donaldson
1985 Karen Smith
1986 Lisa Cummings
1987 Gillian Thomson
1988 Julie Harkess
1989 Joyce Thomson
1990 Kelly Nevison
1991 Leanne Cook
1992 Michelle Boomer
1993 Julia Morelle
1994 Sharon Murie
1995 Lisa Hunter
1996 Kerry Sharp
1997 Amanda Moodie
1998 Jemma Scott
1999 Jennifer Quinn
2000 Claire Waters
2001 Stephanie Allan
2002 Linzi Dixon
2003 Naomi Findlay
2004 Lori Colquhoun
2005 Samantha Stewart
2006 Kimberley Thomson
2007 Shona Bell
2008 Caitlin McMillan
2009 Roseanna Gaffney
2010 Jodie Valentine
2011 Milli Fleming
2012 Nikola Lynch
2013 Rebecca Laing
2014 Jaimé Sutherland
2015 Holly Macari
2016 Annaliese Mack
2017 Megan Anderson
2018 Emma Darling

Gala Blog

We just love to keep you upto date about the going on’s at Cockenzie and Port Seton Community Gala, check some of our blog posts.

Our First Blog!

Welcome to our first blog! Keep an eye out for regular updates! We are now in the final weeks of preparation!  Rehearsals are going well and the children are becoming more and more excited!  Food bag tickets are now on sale and we are delighted to say that...

New Website

Welcome to the new website of Cockenzie & Port Seton Community Gala. The website will be getting updated regularly with news in this blog section along with news of upcoming events for the Gala. Please keep checking back for updates. Gala Committee